What is essential for producing content while traveling?

I can still remember the time, when I had my first computer, it was my dad’s old laptop with a black and white screen. I was amazed by the ability to draw with MS Paint. Later I used an old desktop computer and was fascinated by MS Works and how I could write and make tables. When I bought my first own desktop computer, I discovered Micrografx Designer, a software to layout pages. It was marvelous that I was able to design pages that looked like in the magazines. I had many different laptops after that. The size and shape of the devices I used changed over time.

The one thing that always fascinated me was the ability to create & share thoughts and ideas. And to create in different places. To have these tools with me as I explore. Over time creating and sharing became really simple. Now you can use any smartphone to create a blog or video channel or whatever. You basically need only two things:

  1. A tool to capture your thoughts. I just discovered the WordPress app for Android. It’s marvelous. It makes it a lot easier than to use my laptop.
  2. An online connection to share it. With roaming, it’s easy in Europe.

That’s it.

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