It is fascinating to see, that how we engage with our past and future dramatically impacts our present experience.

There are different ways to think about our past.

First, we can ruminate about our past, wishing it would have been different. What this usually means is that we have some grief work to do in order to move through and not stay stuck in the past. Get professional help, if you need to.

Secondly, we can be nostalgic about our past and think that our best times are already behind us. I think that this is just a sign, that we fail to imagine a bigger and better future.

There is third way to think about our past, that I personally find extremely helpful: Everything until now is just the beta version of our lives. Our past is nothing but raw material for creating a bigger and better future. This way of thinking helps us to access all of our past experience to be able to use it in the present.

Now let’s talk about the future.

A lot of us worry a lot about the future and feel quite pessimistic or hopeless. And if you are in a really dark place please look for professional help immediately! There is a better way.

Having said that, here is a very important principle to understand: We create hope, by deliberately imagining a bigger and better future in our minds, finding ways and support to get there and taking small actions to prove to us, that we can actually do it.

Here is how this works: When we imagine a future in our mind that is bigger and better than our past, this immediately creates a tension in our minds. And this tension creates an enormous amount of energy that we can use in the present.

So let’s talk about the present.

As we can see, the past and the future are actually concepts in our mind that we can change. The present moment however is the only moment we can experience. So let’s fully dive into the moment, let’s use all our senses to experience it. Go out into the nature and feel and smell and see that you are alive.

Again, if you are in a moment of deep hurt or hopelessness: There is professional help available, and I would be so proud of you, if you go for it. Because it will help you to create a better future and to experience deep joy and fulfillment in the present.

Let’s be smart about our time on earth. Use our past as raw material, imagine a bigger and better future and experience the present moment with all our senses.

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