Three simple questions that prevent you from wasting new knowledge

For a while I have been thinking about how to get from knowing to doing. Just yesterday I stumbled upon something very simple in the new John Maxwell book “No Limits”, that I am sure will help me a lot. Whenever I learn something new that seems valuable, I just ask myself three questions:

1) Where can I use this?
Knowledge is worth nothing until I apply it. The first questions makes me think how I can apply this knowledge to my life.

2) When can I use this?
When I wait too long until I apply it, I am very likely to forget it or to loose interest in it. Speed of application is very important. The second questions makes me identify when there will be the next opportunity for me to use it.

3) Who else needs to know this?
Learning is expanded by sharing. When I talk about it, I will learn it in a deeper way. Also the other person will learn it, now the knowledge spreads, and when the other person talks back to me, asks questions and shares his or her perspective then the learning really takes off.

What did you learn recently? How do you answer the three questions? Let me know in the comments below.

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