Three Daily Practices For Exponential Growth

There are a thousand things you could do for creating a bigger life. But what we really need is simplicity and clarity. Simplicity relieves our brains and clarity gives the energy to overcome the obstacles we encounter. If you just follow these three high-value practices everyday, you will live a much more satisfying and energized life.

1. Envision a 10x Future

“Your eyes only see and your ears only hear what your brain is looking for.”- Dan Sullivan

  1. Remind yourself of an area where you have already had 10x growth. This way you show your brain that it is possible.
  2. Choose one area of your life, where you want to have 10x results in the future. For example 10x your income.
  3. Choose a date, when you will have achieved that 10x growth. Give yourself up to 25 years. There are no unreasonable goals, only unreasonable deadlines.
  4. Imagine your future as if you are already there. Imagine you have achieved your 10x and enjoy the results. Go deeper. Really see it. Really feel it.
  5. Now go back to your current situation as your past. What did you do to get to this 10x present? What did you stop, change, keep and start doing?

More on the details here: Let Go And Grow – The Three Essential Shifts For Living A Bigger Life

2. Add Value To People

Relationships define most of our life. John Maxwell suggests a five-minute exercise, of which he promises that if you do it everyday, it will set you apart from 99% of the people in the world and you will be surprised by how much of a difference you will be able to make for others.

  1. Every night take five minutes and write down your answers to the following questions.
  2. Where will I go tomorrow? With whom will I meet?
  3. What can I say, give or do for them to make our time together memorable, unexpected and adds value?
  4. In the morning review your ideas to potentially improve them.
  5. Follow through on your ideas.

You can find more on these ideas in John Maxwell’s book: “The Power Of Your Potential”.

3. Transform Procrastination into Courage

There is no growth in your comfort zone and no comfort in your growth zone.” – John Maxwell

  1. Every night take a sheet of paper and write a list of seven things that you are procrastinating on.
  2. Which ones have the strongest emotional bite? Circle three of them. They are your priorities for the next 24 hours.
  3. For these three quickly write down: Why am I procrastinating here? It might be a deficiency, an obstacle or lack of time.
  4. Then write down: Where do I have to be courageous here? If I pull this off: What is the measurable jump in performance and results that I will get from my new capability (that I am going to get out of this)?
  5. Then write down: If I stay with the anxiety right now, what is they payoff going to be in terms of feeling confident about myself?

The next morning: Look at your three procrastinations and make sure to get them done so that you can give yourself a really great report at night.

More details here: Have You Ever Been Paralyzed By Procrastination?

Click here to download my worksheet for practicing the Three Daily Practices For Exponential Growth.

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