The Four Secret Tools That Boost Your Confidence

The Four Secret Tools That Boost Your Confidence

The most important thing when we move forward on big goals is to protect and build our confidence.

Here are four tools that we often forget that have massive impact on boosting and maintaining our confidence:
1) Start With The Easiest Task
2) Celebrate Your Wins
3) If-Then Planning
4) Join Others Who Are Already Doing What You Want To Do

1. Start With The Easiest Task

The first challenge in accomplishing any big goal is getting into motion. If we choose a difficult task we are very likely to put it off. The task may grow bigger and bigger in our mind until it seems almost impossible or causes us panic.
Here is a very simple, effective hack:
Choose the easiest task and do that first. A quick win boosts our mood and gives us excitement.
Once we get into motion everything else looks way easier. Just pick any easy step, and do it now, or commit to doing it asap and put it on your calendar or your task list.
It does not matter which task you choose. It matters that you pick an easy task and do that one quickly. Once you did that first step you can pick the next. The secret is in getting a quick win and getting into motion.

2. Celebrate Your Wins

Celebrating triggers our brains reward system which helps us keep pushing and achieve our goals.
Wins give us dopamine, but only if we stop to notice, appreciate and celebrate. Celebrating the small wins along the way is a major confidence booster and it helps us to fully enjoy the fruits of our labour. And when we hit important milestones or reach our goals, we should invite the people closest to us and celebrate with them big time. This validates our efforts and makes us want to tackle even bigger goals.
So make the decision to celebrate the small wins each week as well as the bigger milestones when you get there.

3. If-Then-Planning

Making progress on difficult goals is hard. Especially when it involves in-the-moment decisions when you are already worn out. Then decision fatigue hits and you might make a decision that is not in line with your values and goals, or you get blocked and make no decision at all.
If instead you think things through in advance when you are at your strongest, you can just go with your pre-determined cue or response confidently when you are at your weakest. This makes goal achievement three times more likely.
This is actually pretty simple to do. All you need are simple if-then or when-then statements.
There are two major applications for that:
1. We can use this to link a specific behavior that supports a goal to a behavior we already do. Like, “When I finish brushing my teeth, I meditate for 5 minutes.”
2. We can use this to choose how to respond to obstacles to achieving our goals. For example, if we need to do focused work, but we are likely to be interrupted by somebody, we could either go to a place where we will not be disturbed (eliminate), put a sign on the door, let key people know in advance, or: “When somebody comes in, I tell the person: “I really need to focus on something now. I’d be happy to talk to you after 3 PM.”
What are examples for both cases for your goal? Write down the triggers, then decide exactly how you will respond it and tweak it until you nail it.

4. Join People Who Are Already Doing What You Want To Do

When others around you are already doing what you are doing, it is easier to believe that it is actually possible. Who are the people who already do what you want to do? How can you reach out to them? Do they have a community where they meet that you could join?

So now, you know four simple practices to protect and boost that absolutely anybody can apply, but not everybody does. Which one are you going to try first?

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