Teaching As You Go

Let’s start with joy.

I want to build teaching and exploring into a lifestyle. I simply get so much joy out of exploring and transforming my own experience into concepts, processes & systems that can be used by others. It makes me feel alive. And there is a deep wish and dream inside myself to go all in.

What gets in the way and how I go about it:

There is a lot of crap of limiting beliefs that stands in the way. They have held me back for many, many years. But I decided that I am not letting this hold me back any longer. I set specific goals, connected to my why, added accountability and decided to reach out for help whenever I get stuck.

What I have already achieved:

I already have some success to share: Last year I have launched my blog and I have already shared 56 posts where I really write what I want to share. I have gained confidence in my creative habit and in what I have to say.

What is next:

In Q1 2018 I want to take a leap of faith and develop & sell my first online course. This requires me to stretch and go over very deep limiting beliefs.

Why I want to teach via an online-course:

  1. It drives my own learning deeper. Even if nobody is impacted and interested (which is unlikely) at least I am having fun and getting something from the process.
  2. When I make what helps me accessible to others, it will help them get results that they dream of. And that makes me very, very happy.
  3. When I sell my courses and generate income from that, that enables me to explore more and generate even more value for others.

When I want to teach:

Before I thought, I want to teach once I have mastered a subject, but now I realize that there is no finish line. There are always more layers of depth to be discovered. So there is no reason to wait. I can teach now, what I have learned already.

How I want to teach:

The way I aspire to teach is the way I have learned from John Maxwell: “Don’t be a teacher, be a fellow-traveler.” It is a co-creative process. I decide to become the most curious student of the topic. I ask the questions that feel most vulnerable in order to get the best possible perspective.

How far I can teach:

The most important consideration of teaching is: “Do you get results?” (I got this insight from Amy Porterfield’s course) Here it needs honesty: I cannot credibly teach further than I have walked myself. So in order to teach further, I need to walk further.

Getting results myself and/or helping others get results is the measuring stick. But what does getting results mean? Major life transformation or gradual improvement? How do we measure it?

There are three measurements that we need to observe closely:

  1. History metric: Where have I walked?
  2. GPS metric: Where am I now?
  3. Vision metric: Where do I want to go next?

Constantly measuring these three things will help make it clear what results I have achieved. And for the places where I have not walked yet, I need to make sure not to serve cocky answers, but vulnerable questions.

Whom I want to teach:

The first student I want to bring to a new level is myself. As I go about exploring a new topic, I want to create something that helps me personally achieve results. I incorporate whatever I can and try it on myself. I already did this with my planner and weekly reviews. I took what I learned from others and built onto it. This created a system & processes that work very well for me and that others have shown interest in as well.

What I want to teach:

I want to teach in areas that I personally want to grow in.

Right now this is: Creating strong & meaningful connections. Exploring. Creating a wide and deep network. Bringing fun into my relationships.

How can I set up my learning today, so that I can teach from it tomorrow?

  1. I set a clear growth goal as I go into it.
  2. I decide to become the most curious student of the topic and I ask the most vulnerable questions.
  3. I measure (1) where I have walked already, (2) where I am right now and (3) where I want to go next. I record progress, obstacles and insights as I explore.
  4. I create simple frameworks & processes that I want to try out.
  5. I alpha-test myself and share progress, obstacles and insights with my inner circle.
  6. I immediately transform my experience into teaching for my beta-test group. I gather where they make progress and where they stumble and test workarounds to solve their specific challenges.
  7. I transform the framework & processes, my insights and my students insights into a course that delivers results and sells like hotcakes.

Which specific course do I want to develop first?

–> What do I want to grow in most right now?

Exploring new social groups, shaping engaging conversations, creating memorable moments.

  1. I want to explore new social groups.
  2. I want to help my language students explore social groups in Germany.
  3. I want to have an online exchange about this.

Which new social groups would you love to explore? Where would you like to have a little extra help? Let me know in the comments below or send me an email right away!

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