Simple Evening Routine for a joyful, productive life.

Here is my evening routine. It’s very simple and it makes a big difference for me. It keeps me grateful and it helps me set up the next day for success.

First, I write down a full A5-page of my wins and things to be grateful for.

If you can think of nothing more, push yourself and you find more things. The brain needs training to think this way.

Second, I review my goals and the big whys behind them.

I have two to three goals for the quarter. These are the things that are most relevant to me personally to achieve in a given quarter. Reviewing them every night keeps them visible.

Third, I choose my big three for tomorrow.

These are three most important actions that will move my goals and projects forward. I write them down, and I also block time form them in my calender.

And that’s it. It helps me to see and feel that I am winning and prepare me for next day. It usually takes less than 10 minutes, but it is compounding massive value.

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