1 Where do obstacles come from?

This may surprise you: When you see an obstacle, it is actually a good sign.

“All those things that seem to oppose our goals are actually the raw material for achieving them.” – Dan Sullivan

Obstacles only come, when we set a goal for a life that is bigger and better than what we have now.

This is very natural, if there wouldn’t be the obstacles, we would already be there.

Obstacles are caused by a bigger and better vision of the future. You would not have them, if you would not have a bigger and better vision, they come from the vision.

2 How can we deal with obstacles effectively?

The important question is which question we ask ourselves.

Who not how.

We need connection to an outside system. Sometimes we need new knowledge. Oftentimes we need accountability systems.

For example, I’ve wanted to create an online course for many years. I never did it. Last year I even bought an online course on creating online courses.
This quarter I said to myself, now I really want to do this.
Who can help me get there?
I set up a mastermind with people who want to do the same, and also need support and accountability.

3 Obstacles are a source of joy and growth

Here is the surprising thing: It is not the easy life, which makes us happy.

We experience the greatest joy, when we make progress on our most difficult goals.

When we overcome an obstacle, we feel incredible joy, and we really grow.
This is when we see real growth inside ourselves and I can tell from personal experience that this makes incredibly happy.

So, when we see an obstacle, we can actually be happy. This gives us the opportunity to do something that we will be extremely proud of.

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