Moving to learning by speaking and writing with real people

It is hard to switch to this mode for me. I am so used to living as an observer and consumer.

And it is hard to believe you can change if you have done this for so long.

I am used to avoiding conversations as much as I can.

Though I usually enjoy them once I get started.

And we can do a lot of the basic things in life without having to speak a single word. Shopping for example just got so extremely convenient.

The hard truth is that we don’t learn a language by osmosis. And we don’t build relationships by osmosis. We need to take intentional action.

2 Replies to “Moving to learning by speaking and writing with real people”

  1. Gabriel, I can really relate. It’s quite inconvienient that life has become so convenient. Even if you shop offline in some stores you don’t even have to talk to the clerk anymore. What helped me during my pilgrimage was leaving my phone off for a day. I have to admit it wasn’t my own decision most of the time but my battery that left me. However, after the first shock of not knowing how to reach my goal, find something to eat etc. without the help of my phone I quickly realised that there’s also a bunch of people to ask and thus get in touch with. So you’re forced to open up.

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