For Leaders

Want to share your leadership experience?

“Leadership is influence – nothing more, nothing less.”
– John C. Maxwell

I am creating a new podcast called “Leaders of the World”. My goal is to feature leaders from around the world and to help extract and share their experience so we can all learn from it.

No matter if you are a parent or a president, a CEO or a teacher – you influence the people you have been entrusted with. And that makes YOU a leader.

If you are passionate about leading yourself and others,
and would LOVE to share your experiences,
please set up your interview HERE.

Who is behind the podcast?

My name is Gabriel Pecher and I am an incredibly curious and creative person. I am passionate about the growth that great leadership and personal development create . In the last couple years I have read hundreds of books on those topics. I also started a blog where I write about these topics in 7 different languages: English, German, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Arabic and French. (Yes, I know, I am all crazy about languages 😉

One of the most eye-opening moments was, when I personally asked John Maxwell a question. He is considered the #1 authority on the topic of leadership. And getting his answers to my personal questions made me understand that the world is a small place and we are capable of so much more than we often think.

If you are passionate about leading yourself and others
and want to share your personal experience,
please book your interview HERE.