Why it pays to become interdependent instead of trying to do everything alone

I don’t know why this is so deeply embedded into our culture, but we take pride in achieving things our own. The self-made-man is such a big myth we are told about every day, that we actually do believe it. We think we need to do everything on our own. We think that if we do not get ahead on our own, we are weak. This makes no sense.


Look at the biographies of successful people and you will notice that nobody is a self-made man. We need others to get ahead. And really: Why should we try to do everything on our own, if there are people out there that can and want to help us?

If we want to get everything done ourselves, these things might happen:

  •  We cut ourselves off from vital resources necessary for the achievements of our goals.
  •  We cut ourselves off from meaningful relationships and might lose sight of the purpose of our goal.
  • We can only achieve so much with our own limited resources; our achievement will have only little impact.

We can do better. There are so many resources out there that can make achieving our goals possible. The challenge is to learn how to work together in a productive manner.

When we learn how to be productively interdependent:

  • We get access to resources and opportunities that we couldn’t even think of on our own.
  • We can help each other on the way, adding accountability, encouragement and meaning to our pursuit.
  • We will leave a much bigger impact on the world.

Chances are that others are going through very similar challenges like you right now. Chances are that others have already gone through it and would be open to help you. And chances are also, that there are others who might need your help in getting to where you are now. It myself have found it immensely helpful to share the struggles and to encourage each other. It does make a big difference.

1) Are you trying to go it alone?
2) What would be possible for you, if you had access to vital resources for the achievement of your goal?
3) Who could you connect with today that can help you with your goal?

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