Family Survival Guide for the Holidays

Here’s a lesson I’m learning right now. And it’s reaaaally good news. For the holidays this year, you’ve got only ONE job, that will make your time with your family sooo much easier. And you can let go of all the rest.

Your Only Job

You’ve got just one job for the holidays:

Love them unconditionally.

Now to clarify what that means, let’s look at what that doesn’t mean.

What’s not your job:

It’s not your job to:

  • Make them happy.
  • Do what they want you to do, even if you resent it.
  • Make them love you.
  • Make them do/think/feel what you think is right for them.

Remember you can always take a break.

The best thing you can do to improve your relationships with your loved ones is to love them unconditionally and to get really clear about boundaries.

Enjoy your holidays!!!

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