Courage is Contageous

“As I see each of you be courageous in your lives and supportive of each other, it gives me more confidence and excitement to push the boundaries within my own life. Thank you!”
A good friend wrote this in our mastermind group today. Often, we don’t see our courage as being inspiring. Why? Because when we are in the midst of it, it just seems like a struggle we’d prefer to hide.

I started travelling, because I heard it might help when you feel in a rut and are not sure how to change things up. I remember how frightened I was to let go.

  • Frightened to let go of a job I loved.
  • Frightened to let go of a room in a wonderful shared appartment.
  • Frightened to let go of some belongings that I have spent time and money to acquire.
  • Frightened to go to a place where I only knew one friend and was not confident in the language.
  • Frightened to go without having a plan what to do.

Our fear can paralyze us. It certainly slows me down.
As I look back at all the fears that I’ve had in the past months of travelling, there are always ways to counter them.

  • I’ve feared feeling empty without my work. And I did, but I found other ways to add value to others and to enjoy myself.
  • I’ve feared feeling alone in new cities, and I did, but I also figured out ways to find people I connect with.
  • I was afraid of using a language I just started a year ago, and I avoided using it a lot of the time, but I’ve also went to many meetups, done improv theatre, and performed at a poetry slam in France.
  • I won a scholarship for an entrepreneurship course in London, I was afraid it might be a scam until the last minute, but I did go and learned sooo much. And yes, I’ve burned through a lot of money, but I’d also found ways to keep costs low.
  • I was afraid of going to good travel destinations that our media portrays as being unstable countries, and I did feel afraid for some time, but I also felt very safe there once I got to know the place and had wonderful experiences.
  • I was afraid of staying at homes of people I did not know, but I had the most amazing experiences at AirBnBs and with Couchsurfing hosts.
  • Just to name a few.

For some people my travels might seem very courageous, for experienced travelers they might seem very mundane. Some people think, why are you so fearful? Other people think, OMG I wish I could do this.

In the past, I’ve often looked to others for answers on how to make my decisions. Now I realize, that is not possible. I can get inspiration from others, I can get information from others, but the decision should be mine. Because only I know where I stand and what I need for my development.

So if you’re fearful about anything you’re facing right now in your life. Here is how I see it: It is very normal. It’s okay to be afraid. You can do it anyway.

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