The Secret to Being Perfectly Imperfect

Attention is a scarce resource. And everywhere we are sold how we can get it: Look good, be perfect. But does it really work anymore?

I observed that there is a different way of not being perfect, that works much better. Actually, trying to be perfect is just a way of hiding. It is shaped by the thought that if we were simply perfect, nothing can get to us. We can’t fail, we can’t be criticized, we will not suffer. But that is just impossible.

If we live courageously, we can’t be too sure if our path is going to work or not. We have to embrace the possibility that it doesn’t work out. There comes a ton of insecurity with this. And with this the wish to have people guide us. Yes, there are people who have gone similar paths before and they can help us on parts of the way. But no, there is not guru who can save us from the unpleasantness of not knowing.

We ourselves are responsible for the way how we create our lives. This means responsiblity but also freedom. And freedom means embracing the risk that it might work or that it might not work.

It helps to see that we are not the only ones. I recently saw a card with a great quote on it:

“Once you realize that nobody has figured it all out and that everybody is doing the best they can, life gets a lot easier.”

What is one thing that you do perfectly imperfect? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. I write, and you are speaking to me, today, Gabriel. I was looking at several unfinished pieces I’ve written this year… in need of polish before publishing… perhaps I’m looking for perfection that will not happen, but it keeps them from being posted.

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