Show of Potential – 4 – Becoming a Player

How can we become a player that is noticed by others? And how can we help others be such a player. Yesterday I had the opportunity to learn from John Maxwell. Tune in to this weeks episode to find out…

Here is the link to John Maxwell’s Maximum Impact Mentoring.
And to Learn in Public by my friend Doug Neill.

2 Replies to “Show of Potential – 4 – Becoming a Player”

  1. Hi Gabriel: the podcast gets more intriguing each week. A link to some of the resources you mention would be good – a “show notes” page. I appreciated the insights into your work life and lessons learned from people who have gone through so much. I look forward to more of that. I’m excited for you as you master this medium.

    1. Grace, thank you so much for your support and your suggestion, I will integrate some notes into future episodes. Just working on the next one right now 🙂

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