3 Replies to “Show of Potential – 2 – Ownership”

  1. Gabriel: I really empathasize with your story of your “seat of the pants” trip. I love to travel that way – with a general idea of what I want and then seeing what fills in. On the other hand, my husband needs certaintly – so its been a while since I travelled without an itinerary. As for the ownership piece- taking resposnibility for my attitude and the use of my talents are great focal points. I would add a third – ownership of my actions. I think you are right the blame game and the shame game are circular paths that lead to nowhere, whereas when I “own” my attitude and my talents then I can put a smile on my face and take a risk to explore who I am and what I have to offer the world. Loving your podcast!

    1. Grace, thanks so much for listening to my podcast and adding this important point of “ownership of my actions”. I just added it to my notes that I refer to during this quarter. I am sure, it will help me a lot.

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