How I Learn Languages by Having Conversations

For a very long time I have made the mistake to try to learn languages by studying. I wasted countless hours reading, listening and memorizing vocabulary. Last year I came across Tony Marsh and his methodology for learning languages. He has some great explanations on his blog as well as on his You-Tube-Channel. The basic idea is that you learn a language by speaking it and for speaking you need to have a few structural tools that you can rely on while speaking. Continue reading “How I Learn Languages by Having Conversations”

Avoid These 3 Deadly Mistakes And Finally Achieve Your Goals

Did you set a resolution for the year? Are you confident that you will achieve it? If not, you are definitely not alone. I have set resolutions for many years and – not much happened. I got frustrated and disillusioned, because I could not seem to move ahead. But luckily I was persistent enough to discover the three mistakes that held me back and how to move around them. Continue reading “Avoid These 3 Deadly Mistakes And Finally Achieve Your Goals”