Moving to learning by speaking and writing with real people

It is hard to switch to this mode for me. I am so used to living as an observer and consumer.

And it is hard to believe you can change if you have done this for so long.

I am used to avoiding conversations as much as I can.

Though I usually enjoy them once I get started.

And we can do a lot of the basic things in life without having to speak a single word. Shopping for example just got so extremely convenient.

The hard truth is that we don’t learn a language by osmosis. And we don’t build relationships by osmosis. We need to take intentional action.

What is essential for producing content while traveling?

I can still remember the time, when I had my first computer, it was my dad’s old laptop with a black and white screen. I was amazed by the ability to draw with MS Paint. Later I used an old desktop computer and was fascinated by MS Works and how I could write and make tables. When I bought my first own desktop computer, I discovered Micrografx Designer, a software to layout pages. It was marvelous that I was able to design pages that looked like in the magazines. I had many different laptops after that. The size and shape of the devices I used changed over time.

The one thing that always fascinated me was the ability to create & share thoughts and ideas. And to create in different places. To have these tools with me as I explore. Over time creating and sharing became really simple. Now you can use any smartphone to create a blog or video channel or whatever. You basically need only two things:

  1. A tool to capture your thoughts. I just discovered the WordPress app for Android. It’s marvelous. It makes it a lot easier than to use my laptop.
  2. An online connection to share it. With roaming, it’s easy in Europe.

That’s it.

Cycles of Life

We might not notice, but our life is in cycles. When we know this, we can prepare better for what we need.

Earning money & spending money.

Working & resting.

Arriving & Leaving.


Je pense que nous avons trois libertés fondamentales dans la vie :

  1. La liberté d’être qui nous sommes.
  2. La liberté de se connecter avec les autres.
  3. La liberté de changer.

La liberté signifie la responsabilité de choisir. Est-ce que je choisis ce que les autres attendent de moi ? Ou est-ce que je choisis de faire ce qui est juste pour moi ?

Je vois cette liberté quand je voyage.

Qu’est-ce que je choisis de pendre avec moi ?

Getting clear on what matters most and cutting away the rest.

Why do our to-do lists grow faster than we can check things off? The misconception is that we tend to treat ourselves as machines. We think that we should complete a massive amount of tasks at a frantic speed. In reality, we work the most creative, when we have only a few things to do and when we are clear about the vision as well as the very next step. Continue reading “Getting clear on what matters most and cutting away the rest.”