My Weekly Review

It takes clarity and focus to make the most of our lives. Over the years I have taken the planning tools that worked for me and assembled them into my own tools. One of the highest leverage tools is my Weekly Review. It is extremely effective.

Where It All Fits

Before we go deep into the tools, let me just spend a few words to explain, where they all fit. You can find more about these ideas, if you follow the links. Technically, I put them in my planner.

Logically, there is vision that goes before everything.

This vision helps to cut away the non-essentials and get clear on the projects that remain.

Navigate Your Week

Here is my weekly review tool. Click here to download the PDF.

1: Celebrate The Wins

I always start reviewing the previous week by reviewing the wins. Why? Recognizing, valuing and celebrating our wins gives us the energy to keep motivated. This is especially important if we are going through a setback. We need to make sure to redirect our attention to what has gone well, because it is easy to miss and then we miss out on the energy that would create. We need to point to our own successes, it is vital.

2: Review & Preview

The second part of my weekly review includes 6 different tasks. It is not extremely streamlined, but it makes sure that I don’t forget anything important.


I have a quick look at the tasks that I have deferred to later, or I have delegated to others and my notes. I will check if there is anything that I have to take action on.


Now I look at my goals, I read my key motivations, I visualize myself having accomplished my goals. It is important to get in touch with them emotionally and intellectually. This is where the commitment comes from.

Then I look at my major projects that I chose to work on. I also look at the calendar for the upcoming week and anticipate the demands. And I look further out on the calendar to see if there is anything coming up, that I need to prepare for.

3: Review Prior Week’s BIG 3

Each week I set three tasks that are going to be my main progress for the week. They are what needs to get done by the end of the week. Here I take time to reflect on the prior week’s Big 3. How far did I get? What did I accomplish? What not? What were the stumbling blocks? This is raw material for the next step of my review. Being honest here helps me to learn from my experience and to transform it into wisdom.

4: Adjust

I discovered this process in “The Power of TED Workbook” and this is really fun. It puts you in the driver seat of your life.

This is how the dynamic works:

  1. You identify where you would like to be. Imagine it like the future that you have already achieved. Really feel it.
  2. Go back to your current situation as your past.
  3. How did you get to this amazing present? What did you stop doing? What did you change? What did you keep? What did you start?

Now you get very specific steps that you can work on, thinking in four categories stop, change, keep, start helped to see a lot clearer. It helps to adjust priorities and habits.

5: Set Big 3 For Upcoming Week

Now, you have done a lot of important reflection. Here is what to put into these field:

  • Task What has the highest potential to contribute to forward progress? List 3 Baby Steps that are actionable, 100% yours to do and that you can get done in the coming week. A Baby Step may also be something you will stop doing!!
  • Why? Then write down the motivation or payoff below it. This helps to connect to the task when it gets hard and you are wondering why you wanted to do this in the first place.
  • First Move I first learned about that concept in the “Heavy Mental Coaching Group“. Get ultra-specific on the first tiny little move you have to take. This makes it so much easier to get started.

Then schedule blocks of time for each of your Big 3 on your calendar and you’re set.

Click here to download the Weekly Review Sheet.

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