My Daily Planner

This is my template for my daily planner. Here is how it works.

Click here to download my daily planner.

Once you have established a Weekly Review, you need to get clear what you need to do day by day. I have tried many different planners and collected the tools that were reliably helpful to me.

Project Dashboard

This is a concept that I got from Brendon Burchard. What are the three most important projects in your life right now? What are the five moves to accomplish each one of them? Writing them down every morning gets me very clear on what matters most to me.

People Dashboard

We are a social species. To achieve anything worthwhile, we need to cooperate with other people. Every morning I write down who I am waiting on and who I need to reach out to. Usually, we have a pretty clear sense of whom we have to reach out to. I aim to write these two lists and to reach out to people, before I even open my inbox. This way I avoid getting caught up in other people’s agendas and distractions. It keeps me in the driver seat.

Top 3 Tasks

This is magic. Every night write down what the three most important tasks are that you have to accomplish the next day. Block time to do them. Preferably do them, before anything else gets a chance to derail you. This is the format I write them down in:

  • Task.
  • Why? What is the payoff of the task? What is the intrinsic motivation?
  • 1st Move. What is the first tiny step to getting the ball rolling? It might be as small as opening a specific document. It helps to write that down.


We need time to work on our commitments. You can block the times here and put all appointments in here as well.

Click here to download my daily planner.

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