Connect With Courage – I just lost my bicycle – and still couldn’t feel any happier.

Hello & welcome to Connect With Courage where we talk about how to make your life bigger by building your courage and how to make your life better by building your connection. I’m your host and friend Gabriel Pecher. I’m truly excited about todays episode where I’m gonna share the story of how I just lost my bicycle and why I still couldn’t be any happier.

Here are just 3 things that you will get from todays episode:

  • You’ll see that it’s possible to move from feeling dead & empty inside to feeling alive & rich.
  • You’ll learn the specific questions, that will enable you to turn a difficult experience around.
  • You’ll feel encouraged to start building your own courage and connection.

The Backstory

So this year, 2020, in the beginning of March, I arrived in Barcelona. My plan was to discover the city and build my network there, which was not going to happen. I arrived on a Monday and exactly one week later the whole country was on complete lockdown. No going outside except for grocery shopping.
Now, I count myself blessed, because I was in a great place, we had a huge garden, which was almost like a park, and I was working with a wonderful company called Lubulona, if you ever want beautiful wooden toys for kids, check them out, and luckily we could maintain working and business was growing. Also the nature of the work allowed me to listen to a lot of books at the same time. I really enjoyed working and living there, after a while though, I didn’t want to listen to any more books, I just wanted to live again. I’d not been going out much, because of the pandemic, I didn’t want to put myself or the family I was living with at risk. And I tried different things, but I felt my energy decline and I turned to online roleplay games. And truly did not feel well and I began to wonder, I’m feeling really low right now. Could my life be as or even more exciting than these games? At the same time I was also reading a book called “Personality isn’t permanent” which was all about how we can become more psychologically flexible and really live.
One day when I was at the beach, I just felt like doing a journey along the coast. And after a few weeks I bought a tent and started the journey. Not walking, but with a bike. And it’s been quite a journey.
Over 1000km on two different bicycles, the first one with barely working brakes (I’m happy I survived), the second one really well equiped for the journey. And yesterday that very bike got stolen. I was staying in the can of my dear friend Pablo and I got up in the morning and looked outside the van. And there was no more bike. Not even the lock was left.
And I was just a little bit confused, I pretty quickly realized that it was stolen and that there were very low chances of getting it back.

Feeling alive

Very quickly my mind turned to the thought:
“Something good is going to come out of this. What’s it going to be?”
One thing I’ve learned on my journey is:
The secret to life is not about being secure, but about being able to adapt to whatever life throws at you. Everything can be a learning experience.
We can choose the meaning we give to the events and things in our life.
My journey was rich of experiences:
I experienced extreme heat, pouring rain, storm, wind that was as strong as I was, it took all the determination I had. I slept in the open air, in my tent, in hostels and hotels, on the beach, in the forest, in the mountains, on a bench and on a monument. I rode my bike at night and day, I’d been chased by dogs, interviewed be security, pulled over by the police. I felt exhilerating joy, unsurmountable frustration, love, loneliness, shame, pride, connection and everything there is to be felt. I cannot think of a time of my life where I felt more alive.

I’d wanted to quit almost every day. What helped me to overcome frustration was the question: “Is this a learning experience?”

Also I realized:
If I don’t sleep today, I will sleep tomorrow.
If I don’t eat today, I will eat tomorrow.

There is something I learned from living this experience. It helped me to drop my worry:

The Questions

I notice …

There is no bike in front of the van. There is no bike close to the van. Not even a lock I can see.

I wonder …

What happened? Did I put the bicycle there? Did I lock it?
Who took the bicycle? What kind of person is that? Why do they do that? Which decisions led them to do it? Do they realize they are taking away value instead of adding value? How do they feel about it? How do they justify it? (EVERYBODY wants to think of themselves as being a good person. If they knew that they could earn money by adding value to people, would they choose to do it? (I mean they could go from house to house and just ask people if they have bicycles that they don't need anymore, because I just started that business ...) If they knew they could earn money by adding value would they choose to do it?
**What does this make possible?**

It reminds me of …

* I lost my jacket on the way.
* I lost my beloved rain trousers on the way. (Way harder because I held on to them for a long time.)
* I lost other small things.

Could it be …

Continue the journey

  • To discover more about courage and connection, listen to the other episodes, this stuff works!
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  • Until next time: Connect With Courage

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