Connect With Courage – Ep. 7: How To Get Into Flow


  • Flow is a state of being. We modulate an activity until we get into a flow state.
  • Flow for most of us is easier to achieve than we realize.
  • Interstitial journaling (as explained in Episode 6) will help you to catch your patterns and then make adjustments before you get into a task.
  • Again, I’m very thankful to Tony Stubblebine from who introduced me to how to modulate for flow.

Elements of a Flow Experience

  1. We’re confronting a task we have a chance of actually completing
  2. There’s a concentration and focus on what we’re doing
  3. The task has clear goals
  4. The task provides immediate feedback
  5. There’s a sense of involvement where awareness of everyday worries drops away
  6. There’s a sense of control or even mastery
  7. Self-consciousness disappears (yet a stronger positive sense of self emerges after the task)
  8. The sense of time is altered; hours seem to pass by in minutes, or seconds feel stretched out into minutes or hours.

Levers for Flow

  • Clear goal. Set a goal for yourself. The goal could be pragmatic or it could simply be created for the purpose of turning your activity into a goal.
  • Challenge. It should be challenging enough to be engaging, but not so challenging as to be frustrating.
  • Skill. If you can’t bring the challenge level down, then you’re going to have to bring your skill level up.

Emotional States When Working

  • There are 8 emotional states, that we can be in: Apathy, Boredom, Relaxation, Control, Flow, Arousal, Worry, Anxiety

If the challenge is lower than your skill level, you might feel Apathy, Boredom or Relaxation.
-> then modulate the goal and the challenge. Make the goal bigger, or make a challenge out of a mundane task.

If the challenge is just about right for your skill level you’ll feel Control, Flow or Arousal.
-> You found the right level of challenge for your skill level, keep going.

When the challenge is bigger than the skill level you might feel Anxiety or Worry.
-> One of the things you need to be in flow is a clear goal that you know you can accomplish.
A lot of times, a hard activity prevents flow because the goal you have in mind is too far outside of your comfort zone.
So if you’re anxious and frustrated, ask yourself: Can I change the goal, can I pick an earlier milestone?

  • Read more about how to create group flow:

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