Connect With Courage – Ep. 5: Beat Procrastination. Strategy #1: Involve Other People


Put Procrastination Into Perspective

  • When we’re procrastinating, we might think: “I’m incapable. I’m a failure. There is something wrong with me.”
  • What it actually means: You’re human. Everybody has this experience. It’s universal. We all procrastinate, we just procrastinate about different things.
  • Usually the problem is much, much smaller than we think. Procrastination is a subconscious strategy of dealing with unpleasant emotions.
  • I’ve tried a lot of strategies and tactics to beat procrastination. I’ve found only two that have worked for me consistently. They are both easy to apply. I’m sharing Strategy #1 in this episode and Strategy #2 in the next episode.

Strategy #1: Involve other people.

  • I promise you that there are people around you who are struggling with the exact same thing you are struggling with and they would love to get together with you to get it done.

7 Step-Process For Involving Others

  1. Ask around who also wants to get the same thing done.
  2. Set up a time and date to either meet in person or get on a call.
  3. A couple days before remind the other person to gather all the necessary material for completing the task.
  4. When you meet, take a couple minutes to check in on what you need to do first.
  5. Set a timer for 30 minutes and check in how it’s going and which obstacles you’re hitting.
  6. Check in each 60 minutes until completion.
  7. Celebrate together.

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