Getting to A1-Level Quickly

Recently, I was going on a bus trip to a new country, and I was determined to know the basics of the language after the bus trip.

Travelling is 10x more enjoyable, when you can use basics of the language to get around and build connections with locals and other travellers. So at least the basics in the lingua franca in the region (which could be English, Russian, French, Arabic, Spanish, Turkish or others) and the basics in the language spoken in the area are super useful.

So while in the bus, I looked at two ressources, Kauderwelsch language guide and “50 languages” guide.

The 50 languages guide proved itself to be extremely useful to understand the structure. I’ve worked through the whole course on the bus, they have everything available in the orginial script, transcript and translation, as well as the audio files. You can even download the audio files in your native language and your target language and listen to it. Amaaaazing.

I understood a lot of the structure of the language, am able to understand a few words and say a few words. The course is very extensive and yet covers it in a way, where it puts the most important things in the language in there. I like it a lot.

Then I tried using the language with some locals, and then I found that I can improve the next time, I take on this challenge. I need to start writing my own personal conversation routine from the material. Actually writing down what is relevant for me personally, will help me get speaking with others. Plus I can look at the routine, when I am in a conversation. This way, I lessen the load on my memory and construction of the sentence and have more energy and focus for the conversation.

So here is the simple way to get to A1 quickly:

  1. Select good material. (I looove Thanks @Dominik for introducing me to this ressource)
  2. Script a basic conversation routine. (You can even read it, when you are talking. No need to memorize. Check the methodology of It’s awesome.)
  3. Test in real life and expand.

I’ll let you know about my specific routines in an upcoming post.

Courage is Contageous

“As I see each of you be courageous in your lives and supportive of each other, it gives me more confidence and excitement to push the boundaries within my own life. Thank you!”
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Leadership Lessons From 2000 Hours Of Teaching German

Over the last two and a half years I have taught well over 2000 hours of German language and culture mainly to people coming from regions of crisis and failed leadership.
I have often thought about how I can serve them in the best way possible. Over time I have learned to appreciate that this is about taking on the responsibility to lead from the heart:

“Leader: Anyone who takes responsibility for finding the potential in people and processes and has the courage to develop that potential.”

Brené Brown

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The Four Secret Tools That Boost Your Confidence

The Four Secret Tools That Boost Your Confidence

The most important thing when we move forward on big goals is to protect and build our confidence.

Here are four tools that we often forget that have massive impact on boosting and maintaining our confidence:
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2) Celebrate Your Wins
3) If-Then Planning
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