Boredom might just be your friend

We live in an age of endless distraction. Most people give in. Whenever we feel deprived of something going on or we face a challenge that brings difficult emotions, our phones give us an endless opportunity to get lost in different worlds really quickly. But we might actually be missing out on something very important: Experiencing Boredom and Frustration.

What frustration and boredom really mean

These seemingly bad states of mind can give us actually quite a couple of benefits. Frustration shows us that we are in a challenge. When we give in to the distraction, it might mean that we opt out of solving a challenge, maybe just right before we have gotten through. Sometimes it is useful to get a little rest then. This lets us experience the frustration and let it go. And then another state of mind that might come along: We let go and then there is just nothing. It is boring. And this is the time when our mind relaxes and it can come up with quite useful solutions. All by its own. Not being distracted by all the noise out there, gives our brain a chance, to notice that quiet voice inside and really feel what comes from the inside. It can be a time when clarity arises.

What is an insight you had that you got just right after a moment of boredom? Let me know in the comments below.

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