Hi, I’m Gabriel Pecher.

I am an explorer and pioneer at heart. I am passionate about learning how to connect better with people.

This blog is my playground. I share what I test and discover about how to:
– Embrace Yourself
– Connect With Courage
– Transform Your World

I know the struggles of connecting to other people first-hand. As a kid, I stuttered immensely and that severely limited my ability to connect. Often times, I could not share what was on my heart, because I could not rely on getting it out there. So to avoid that pain, I withdrew.

To stand in front of people has always been one of my dreams, but early in my life it was unimaginable that this would actually be possible.

Fast forward many years, I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Chinese Studies and a Master’s Degree in Intercultural Communication. After working as an interpreter, an international sales manager and even selling fruits and vegetables at a local farmers market (which was a ton of fun), I now help refugees to learn German and find their way into our society.

I believe that we are at a time in history, where it matters more than ever that we learn how to connect with courage.

This is my journey of courageous connection. I hope you’ll join me.